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Being a part and parcel of the galaxy of institutions controlled by the D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi. I Stand apart from the institutions around. A staunch believer in Quality Education, I have undertaken to help the children grow in harmonious personalities. I hope to attain this end by helping them develop their bodies, minds, heart&spirits alike. It is high timewe did away with the mushroom-growth of the lopsided personalities owing to whom the country has suffered beyond reckoning in pre independent and post independent India.
We must bear in the mind that Indian buds need a feed of moral education, scientific spirit & genuine national pride. They also stand in the need of a good measure of a maternal care, recognition and incentive coupled with an overseeing eye.
The first requisite of Quality Education is the sense of identity between the teacher and the taught. The ideal class-strength for developing personal relationship is the lower size of forty. But mere numerical strength fails to deliver the good, if the teacher are not well-qualified, soft spoken & affection incarnate. I have spared no effort in this regard and will continue to do so. The best I can do will always be my humble offering at the altar of Mother India.
Swami Dayanand aimed at making the universe materially, intellectually & spiritually rich. I, a descendent of the great Maharishi, crave your patronage & guidance to approach the goal we have set for future citizens.
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D.A.V. Centenary Public School, Sirsa
(Sr. Secondary, Co-Educational & Affiliated to C.B.S.E.)
Managed by : D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi
Ph. : 7419247760,7419247318
E-mail : davschool_sirsa@rediffmail.com

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